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VIDEO: Bear Cub High On “Mad Honey” Rescued In Turkey


Seeing animals intoxicated is almost always pretty sad. They’re usually pretty sick, extremely confused, and often very scared. BUT, seeing animals intoxicated if you know that they were brought to a vet and taken care of after can be a little bit funny.

This bear was found in northwestern Turkey after eating too much honey. Specifically, it seems that she was eating something called ‘mad honey’, which is created when bees feed on the pollen of specific rhododendrons. The resulting creation can be quite hallucinogenic.

The poor gal does look terrified, but she was transported to a vet and, according to Reuters, should be good to be released back into the wild in the next few days. Apparently she’s become somewhat of a celebrity in Turkey, with the agriculture ministry calling upon Turks to give her a name via Twitter. Personally, I think Mary Jane would fit her the best, but that’s just me.

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Image Credit: The Guardian via YouTube

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