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Swiss Mountain Pass Will Be Ice Free For The First Time Since Roman Era


This summer has been devastating for some parts of the world. Specifically, parts of Europe have been slammed with some of the highest heats and worst heat waves in history, evaporating essential water supplies, sparking fires, and leaving citizens in excruciating weather. Of course, brutal heat in Europe means drastic melting in the alps, and one mountain pass is showing just how alarming and immediate this issue is.

Parts of the pass between the Scex Rouge and Tsanfleuron glaciers at the Glacier 3000 ski area in Switzerland haven’t seen open air since at least the Roman era. Now, however, according to phys.org, what was once covered by thick layers of ice will be completely melted and open by the end of the summer.

In 2012, that ice measured at 15 meters (49.5 feet) thick. Skiers could easily move from glacier to glacier without taking off their skis or boarding any sort of transportation. Only a small strip remains between the glaciers now, and by summer’s end, that strip will have completely faded.

Unfortunately, this is not a surprising bit of news. Some readers may be completely uninterested in this information. But this is a pretty hardcore example of what’s going on around the world. The mountain glaciers we love to ski are fading away, and the changing weather and climate is impacting so many people’s lives already. According to glaciologist Mauro Fischer, the glacial melt in the region with Glacier 3000 will be, on average, three times higher this year than the last ten summers. It’s REALLY starting to feel like we’re entering doomsday type scenarios.

Image Credit: Glacier 3000 on Facebook

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