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WATCH: Winnebago’s Flying Camper Of The 1970’s


Imagine owning a camper that could take you almost anywhere, completely free of the limits of roads, railways, and hiking trails. The remoteness you could experience, the places you could see, the things you could do! That’s the real dream. Well, in the 1970’s, Winnebago could make that dream a reality for just $300,000 (~$1.5 million today).

The Winnebago Helihome wasn’t exactly intended to be a real product. According to the bottom video posted to YouTube by Calum, it was mainly used as a marketing ploy, built simply to bring customers into Winnebago dealerships. But a few Helihomes were actually purchased, and a few individuals did actually use them to go camping!

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In reality, the use and operation of a helihome today would be absurd. The price to fill the aircraft (especially with today’s gas prices, though yesterday I spotted a gas station with prices under $4/gallon) would likely be unfathomable, and the environmental impact of several people owning a flying camper would be significant. Of course, you would also need a helicopter license, which, according to lessons.com, typically costs somewhere around $10,000-$15,000. It is a pretty neat idea though. Think about it, where would you go if you had your own helihome? What sort of activities would you do with it

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Image Credit: Calum & wolfsonarchive via YouTube

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