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WATCH: Vintage Clips Of Mount Snow’s Old Gondolas


If you’ve been reading my blogs here at Unofficial Networks over the last few years then you probably know I’m a sucker for vintage ski clips.

I could watch grainy film of people skiing from the 1920s-1970s all day, bro.

The short clip below shows the two very unique gondolas that used to run at Mount Snow, VT. They were both installed by Carlevaro & Savio in the 1960s, and feature that unmistakable design where the skier’s skis stick out from beneath the gondola doors. Truly, they’re closer to a bubble chairlift than a modern-day gondola.

They look funky as hell, but I really wish I could ride one. The nerdy skier in me just can’t accept the fact that I never will. Unfortunately.

Check it out:

[embedded content]

conradmward: “Here is a brief video that contains clips of Mount Snow’s two very unique gondolas. Gondola 1 was built in 1964 which traveled all the way to the summit and Gondola 2 was installed in 1969 (three-quarters of the way to the summit) by the company Carlevaro & Savio. G1 was removed in 1986 outlasting G2.”

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