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WATCH: ‘Magic Hour’ Trailer By Teton Gravity Research


It’s August and you know what that means boys and girls- it’s ski/snowboard movie trailer season! It’s one of my favorite times of the offseason.

Every production studio is gearing up to drop their new film, and my excitement is bubbling for when these babies drop.

Enjoy the trailer for Teton Gravity Research’s upcoming film- MAGIC HOUR.

[embedded content]
Teton Gravity Research: “Magic hour is not so much a particular time a day as a culmination of powerful moments in some of the most beautiful, wild places on the planet.

For 27 years, Teton Gravity Research has been searching for the right place with the right crew at the perfect time to experience life at its fullest. Between the thrill of the hunt and the peace of floating down a mountain, the sum of our experiences becoming greater than its parts is what we seek.

If you ask us, our annual snow film Magic Hour is just that.

Starring: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Griffin Post, Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Kai Jones, Christina Lustenberger, Sam Smoothy, Parkin Costain, Amy Jane David, KC Deane, Veronica Paulsen, Jim Ryan, Michelle Parker, Jeremy Jones, Bode Merrill, Simon Hillis, McRae Williams, Jake Hopfinger, Nat Murphy.”

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