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Stupid Sightseer Takes Photos As Elk Warns Him (Watch)


If you saw a 1,000 pound bull elk acting aggressively by digging at the ground, bugling loudly, and moving closer to you, what would you do?

Would you:

A: Stand with your camera out like a stupid person


B: Calmly move away to give the aggravated animal space

I really hope that the majority of you would know to choose the latter, but I’m starting to doubt it considering how many videos are out there of dumb people doing dumb things around animals.

Here’s a video of a guy who chose Option A:

[embedded content]

“Large bull elk bugling and scraping the ground, while raking his antler in the dirt. Filmed in Estes Park Colorado. A man in the video was dangerously close to the elk. The animal was showing aggressive behavior and the man kept filming. I thought he was going to get gored and warned him to get back. The bull then scrapes at the ground aggressively and uses his antlers to rake the dirt.”

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