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WATCH: Florida Man Scares Off Bear To Protect Family (Total Alpha)


Florida residents, particularly men, get a bad rap for the headlines written about them on the internet.

The articles usually involve drugs and other nefarious actions, but lets switch it up and celebrate the heroic Florida man below for protecting his family and their dog from a black bear.

The video begins with the mother trying to call the dog back inside as she spots the bear off-camera. The bear then comes charging towards the pooch and they disappear around the other side of the house.

That’s when the father comes rushing out making himself look big and screaming to scare off the bear.

The video was recorded at their home in Destin, FL.

Check it out:

[embedded content]

What an absolute alpha. The dude unleashes a primal scream that made that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. His roar and menacing stance sent that bear running for its life.

He sent that black bear running like a scared little b*tch.

Imagine the high you must get from totally alpha-ing a black bear to protect your family and dog? His adrenaline must have been at an all-time high.

Kudos to you, Florida man.

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