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WATCH: Behind The Scenes Of Brandon Semenuk’s “Realm”


Many months ago, back in September 2021, Red Bull released a Brandon Semenuk edit titled “Realm”. Now, for the 10th anniversary of Red Bull Joyride, one of the features imagined by Semenuk and his team is set to be featured in this year’s event. So, naturally, Red Bull Bike released a much longer clip detailing the creation of the never-before-seen features displayed in REALM.

The world of slopestyle mountain biking was really introduced to me through Brandon Semenuk, when I began watching his show on YouTube, Life Behind Bars. Those videos are now ten years old, and the sport has changed a lot since it was released, but seeing Semenuk in another documentary style video makes me really happy. He’s definitely a legend in the sport, and I’m willing to gamble that 40-50 years from now he’ll be looked at as one of the major founders of the discipline.

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Image Credit: Red Bull Bike via YouTube

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