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VIDEO: Free Soloing The Lower 48’s Tallest Mountain (Intense)


Tyler Karow shot a vlog-style video of his free solo route up and down California’s Mt. Whitney, and my palms are still sweating after watching it.

Mt. Whitney is famous for being the highest peak in the contiguous United States standing at 14,495′ and Karow makes free climbing it look like an absolute breeze.

I’m sure there were some hairy situations that he wasn’t able to film considering he was doing the climb by himself and that he didn’t have a crew with cameras following, but damn did he make it seem like this climb was so easy.

I also realized after watching this film that I don’t know climbing lingo at all. He said at least 10 words in this video that I have never heard before. Climbers are a unique breed, and I love them for it.

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Tyler KarowPeter Foster in his natural state of free soloing and acquiring mass amounts of booty. Peter climbed up the East Buttress and down the East Face on our rest day.”

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