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Gunstock Set to Reopen Tomorrow as Old Management Team Returns


The news took a turn for the better over the past couple of days at Gunstock Mountain Resort in New Hampshire. On Monday night, the embattled and controversial Commissioner Dr. David Strang was removed by the Belknap County Delegation, the Delegation appointed Denise Conroy in his place, and the old management team was rehired.

Their adventure park will be reopening tomorrow (Thursday, August 4th), and the Soulfest music festival will be happening this weekend. This follows a wild two weeks, which started with the Gunstock management team quitting to protest their treatment from the Gunstock Area Commission.

InDepthNH.org reports that the Monday night meeting saw a large crowd show up in support of the mountain, and a quorum of Belknap County state representatives was present to make the vote valid. A majority of the Delegation voted for Strang’s resignation, which he verbally agreed to in Sunday’s meeting if a vote were to happen. Dr. Strang was not at the meeting and has yet to submit his resignation letter. Representatives Mike Sylvia and Norm Silber, whose conspiracy theory-laden beliefs got Gunstock into this messy situation, were not in attendance. Denise Conroy has held many leadership positions with a multitude of businesses.

This follows a Gunstock Area Commission meeting on Sunday, which was open to the public. According to the Laconia Daily Sun, the Gunstock Area Commission voted to rehire the old management team, which resigned two weeks ago. Dr. Strang also said at the meeting that he would resign if the Belknap County Delegation voted to remove him, which they did. The old management team vowed to return if Peter Ness and Dr. Strang were to be removed. This move was helped by Peter Ness’s resignation on Friday, who faced resistance from Gunstock employees due to his condescending behavior towards staff members.

The opposing members that didn’t show up could still have devious purposes, as they have been threatening to take legal action over the decision. These fears seem to have been squashed though as County Attorney, Andrew Livernois, said that the meeting to appoint Denise Conroy and have Strang resign was legally valid.

Is the drama at Gunstock Mountain Resort over? Will they be able to expand and become a New England ski resort powerhouse? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Image/Video Credits: Gunstock Mountain Resort, WMUR

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