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Brainless Hotel Guest To Be Kicked Out After Petting Black Bear


I don’t know why, but it really feels like this might be the summer of stupid. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m paying attention more than I have in the past, or maybe it’s because the heat is making tourists dumber, but I feel like every day I wake up to more and more clips and photos of tourists getting way too close to wildlife. We’ve seen tourists get too close to elk, big horn sheep, bison, and, of course, plenty of bears. It doesn’t seem too hard to understand that wildlife is not your friend, and yet, people continue to try their hand at becoming one with nature in the dumbest ways possible.

A guest at the Quality Inn Creekside hotel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is facing some consequences for her not so intelligent actions committed on Sunday, July 31st, Unfortunately, though she did succeed in touching a wild black bear, her actions weren’t actually illegal, according WVLT-TV, as she wasn’t inside the Great Smoky National Park. Instead of facing legal consequences, the woman seen in the photos will be kicked out of the hotel.

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Image Credit: WVLT-TV on YouTube

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