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VIDEO: “Ghost Machine” Blends Modern And Vintage Looks To Create Gnarly Edit


I think one of the coolest things about writing for Unofficial Networks is the opportunity to find a sweet edit that doesn’t necessarily have a boat load of views and try to give it a spotlight. Sure, I could only talk about the videos posted by Red Bull or the movies created by Teton Gravity Research, but where’s the fun in that? Now, don’t get me wrong, this video posted by Evil Bikes doesn’t lack views. At nearly 37,000 at the time of writing, a lot of people have already seen this. But I think it deserves a bit more attention.

While I was in college (I only graduated a bit more than a month ago), I took a fair number of film classes. I won’t try to claim that I’m a master of film, but I will argue that I’ve had enough experience editing to know that this short video has some pretty sweet editing going on. The red glow of what looks like fire inside the trees, the coloring, and the switches from 16mm film to digital are all impressive in my book. Not to mention the actual biking, done by Demetri Triantafillou, which looks darn smooth and impressive.

I think it’s important to mention the names involved with the creation of this video. Other than Triantafillou, who obviously did the biking, Wiley Kaupas directed the clip, as well as doing some of the editing and coloring along side Tory Powers. Powers and Drew Boxold were both directors of photography, with Boxold handling the 16mm film, while Keith White was in charge of sound and Ben Reeder handled grip and pyrotechnics. You should definitely take the time to watch this entire video. I say it’s pretty dope.

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Image Credit: Evil Bikes on YouTube

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