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VIDEO: 1,500lbs Walrus Wreaking Havoc In Norwegian Harbor

Her name is Freya, she is 1,500lbs of fat and sassy and she has been wreaking havoc among the fjords of Norway.  9NEWS reports the walrus has been spotted in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, but seems to have landed on semi-permanent home in the Oslo Fjord in Norway’s capital where she enjoys sunning herself on motorboats.
Named after the Norse goddess of love, fertility, battle and death, Freya is murder on the small boats she victimizes for sunbathing purposes but locals love her and officials have determined she is not a threat if left alone and have taken a hands off approach.
Freya is glorious but its a total bummer if she decides to layout on your stern…wonder if insurance would cover that?
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images from Wild Geerters Twitter

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