Home Gear Skier Uses E-Scooter For Urban Trick (Watch)

Skier Uses E-Scooter For Urban Trick (Watch)


Sick Bro GIFs | Tenor

Sick Bro GIFs | Tenor

FINALLY. Somebody has FINALLY found a practical use for those goddamn Bird (and other brand) scooters that are laying on sidewalks across America.

It feels like you can’t take 2 steps in Denver without tripping over one of those things. Does anybody ride them? Or does some asshole drop them off in various spots around the city each morning to annoy pedestrians?

Anyways, I was extremely happy to see that Pete Koukov (@gimmeanegg) on TikTok found a way to one of these stupid scooters to lace an urban rail line in Denver.

Hopefully he threw it into the landfill after he was done using it.


I’m a proffesional and this was fully calculated idk why yall keep taking this down #fyp #mostgutter #pushingp

♬ original sound – Pete Koukov

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