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Family Canoes In Backyard (Watch)


My therapist tells me I need to try to take a more positive outlook on life. Not just on the existential threat of climate change, but on everything… So, in trying to be a good boy and listen to a mental health professional, I’m going to take a more positive spin on this video of a mild natural disaster.

Tropical Depression Fred, back in 2021, dropped bucket loads of rain on the American southeast and gave this family the perfect opportunity to canoe around their backyard! Think about it, climate change is bringing the water to us rather than us having to go find it. Now you don’t even have to drive your fossil-fuel burning car to the closest river or lake. You can simply walk out your backyard, step over the sandbags preventing the water from reaching your home, and go for a nice paddle inside your own private pond.

2021 is shaping out to be a great year and I can’t wait for the ability to kayak/canoe in my backyard. I’ll never have to leave my home again.

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Occurred on August 16, 2021 / Lynn Haven, Florida, USA

“Tropical Storm Fred slammed Lynn Haven, FL. We had over 14” flood our backyard. The flooding was so high that my family was able to canoe in our backyard.”

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