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Snowmobiler Outruns Avalanche (Insane Video)


dallas thies: “I was riding on Pelican Butte and had to outrun an avalanche. I’m yelling and excited down at the bottom of the hill because I lived through it not because I purposely started it. Stay safe out there and keep situational awareness!!!”

Check out the crazy video for yourself…

[embedded content]

Holy mother of god.

I can’t imagine the hit of adrenaline you probably get seeing an avalanche break off right below your sled on a steep slope.

This dude was sooooooooo lucky to escape. I know he’s cheering at the end, but that’s surely because he’s celebrating the fact that he just outran death and not that he actually caused the avalanche itself.

He says it happened on Pelican Butte which is a dormant volcano in Oregon.

Be safe out there, friends.

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