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Bears Chase Trespassing Hikers (Watch)


The people in this video are lucky to be alive.

They completely ignored instructions to not walk near the riverbed, and were chased off by multiple grizzly bears that live in the area. Fools.

“In Denali National Park. Hikers weren’t supposed to go into the riverbed, where the bears were living. These people wanted a closer view and ended up within killing-range of the 600lb grizzly and two big cubs. The voice yelling was a park ranger. Sorry the last shot is shaky, I was filming from a long way away.”

[embedded content]

You’d think that any borderline intelligent person would know to respect trail closures in National Parks, but nope. People are always pushing boundaries and putting themselves and animals in danger.

It sucks, but I’m glad this situation turned out okay. No harm was brought to the bears or their dumbasses.

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