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Chonky Bear Struggles To Waddle Across Road (Watch)


Bears tend to bulk up when they’re preparing for hibernation. In fact, Fat Bear Week, which usually takes place in the Fall, is an unofficial celebration of the fattest bears at the iconic bear feasting grounds at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Essentially, people on the internet look at pictures and videos of the fattest bears and laugh. It’s a great time.

The video below shows an absolutely massive black bear struggling to waddle his way across a road in Yellowstone National Park. Take a look for yourself. It’s beyond impressive.

Video posted by @dukes.outfitters

This chonky boi looks like he ate a whole other bear to gear up for hibernation. That, or he hit the jackpot of pic-a-nic baskets that would make Yogi himself jealous.

It’s also kind of comforting to know that humans aren’t the only species that gets morbidly obese. Sure, bears do it for survival, but I’m just going to start telling myself that I’m eating my third order of Taco Bell for “survival”.

Maybe I’ll turn into the subject of a viral internet video as I waddle my way around Yellowstone. That wouldn’t be so bad.

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