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Bear Scares The Crap Out Of Woman On Her Front Porch (Watch)


It was a peaceful night for this lady and her dog on July 13th, 2022 in Colorado. They were enjoying the quiet calm of the twilight hours when suddenly, a black bear cub came strolling by.

The woman’s doorbell security camera manage to capture it all.

Enjoy ????

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“My mother lives in Colorado on a golf course where the area is protected. Due to no hunting, there are often deer and bears that roam in her front yard. She was taking her dog outside, where the baby cub casually strolled up the driveway toward her and her dog. Once she noticed the bear, she jumped causing the bear to jump. She goes to turned around to run back inside but tripped over a step. Luckily, her Ring Doorbell recorded all of this.”

I feel like it’s okay to laugh because it doesn’t look like she was seriously injured by the fall, right?

Okay. I’m just gonna laugh. I mean, I already did. It was just a matter if I was going to admit in this article. But yes, I did literally LOL when I heard her say “OH SHIT” and trip as she was trying to escape the bear.

Don’t get me wrong- I probably would have done the same thing. It’s still funny. Don’t lie to yourself.

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