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Black Bear Sightings On The Rise Across New England


“It was surreal because we’ve never been that close to a black [bear] before. There have been a couple of times where the bird feeder looks like it’s been thrown by King Kong.”– Tim Kearney, New Hampshire Resident.

Spread the word around, the bears are back in town. WMUR reports that as summer is in full swing, black bears are making more frequent appearances in the state of New Hampshire. With an estimated five thousand black bears in the state, encounters with them are inevitable.

For homeowners, New Hampshire Fish and Game recommends “securing garbage, keeping grills clean, and making sure not to leave pet food outdoors.” Bird feeders should be removed from people’s homes from April 1st to December 1st. For hikers, some tips include carrying bear spray, making loud noises, not running away, moving slowly/sideways during an encounter, and making yourself look as large as possible.

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There hasn’t been a fatal bear attack in the state since 1785, but that doesn’t mean that bears don’t get aggressive. Just ask the people of Grafton. While this video is devoted to black bear sightings in New Hampshire, it’s a great watch for everybody.

Wild animals are not something to be played around with, and a mistake can make you go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Image/Video Credits: Clarks Trading Post, WMUR, CBS Boston

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