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VIDEO: Hiking To The Most Secluded Cabin In The Alps


YouTube channel ‘Zen Hiking Switzerland’ filmed his incredible journey to an extremely remote cabin tucked away under a rock outcrop in the Alps. It’s unclear where this cabin is located, but the views look absolutely spectacular.

Can you imagine how amazing it must have been to hike to this cabin and spend a few days just surrounded by the incredible Alps? I really can’t think of anything I’d rather  do right now (other than ski, of course).

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I want to know more about the cabins history, but I’m assuming that information about it is being protected so that a bunch of yahoos don’t ruin it. It’s a shame that disclosing this cabin’s location would send thousands of tourists there, but that’s just the world we live in these days.

Anyways, enjoy the spectacular cinematography of this video and relax. I know I’ll be day dreaming about a trip to this cabin for weeks.

Zen Hiking Switzerland: On this hike, I tried to get to the most secluded Cabin in the Alps. Day one shows me hiking the long way up to the cabin, day two is me summiting a nearby mountain. I was lucky to have spectacular views all the way to the cabin and the summit. Reaching this cabin has definitely been my highlight this year. With this video, I am hoping to share some of the impressions and fantastic views that I managed to capture while hiking. Thanks for watching. Concerning the whereabouts of this incredible cabin: I am not going to disclose this information here, out of respect for the builders and owners of this cabin. Thank you for your understanding!”

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