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Snowbird Opens Brand New Blue Tram


The installation of the new tram cabins at Snowbird has been eventful.

The new red tram fell during installation and was damaged beyond repair. Luckily, a new tram car is expected to open during the 2022-23 season. The blue tram was properly installed and debuted for the first time on Saturday.

For now, the old red cabin is still on the other side, but it will not serve guests, as they will only be using it as a counterweight. The new tram looks incredible, and some of it features floor-to-ceiling views and glass floor panels during the summer. Some photos of the new lift are below.

In addition, Snowbird showed off this remarkable time-lapse on social media from when the blue tram was installed in 1971, compared to its last day in 2022. Here’s hoping the old trams and the damaged new red tram become parts of the Snowbird experience for years to come.

Image Credits: Snowbird Resort

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