Home Gear Reckless Snowboarder Slams Into Novice Skier (Watch)

Reckless Snowboarder Slams Into Novice Skier (Watch)


Ouch GIFs | Tenor

Ouch GIFs | Tenor

I woke up this morning and decided it would be fun to get the internet all fired up about a skier vs snowboarder collision.

Sorry, but I’m a ski blogger, and I have to give people reasons to keep following along here at Unofficial Networks throughout the summer.

I know you’d rather be laying on a beach, ripping a sing-track on your mountain biker, or enjoying the great outdoors, but let’s watch a video of a novice skier getting obliterated by a reckless snowboarder instead, okay?

Check out the clip:

[embedded content]

The snowboarder was clearly in the wrong. No doubt about it. If you think differently, well then you’re probably a snowboarder…

There’s gonna be some of you that think the skier shouldn’t have stopped in the middle of the trail. And, while you’re right, that doesn’t mean the collision was his fault.

That’s my final ruling  and all of you know what I say is the law. Thanks.

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