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Lady Freaks Out As Bear Destroys Her Kayak (Watch)


Let me break down what you’re about to watch just so you can fully grasp how absurd the video is…

The lady recording first sprays this bear with bear spray because it’s getting a little too close. Nothing wrong with that. That’s what bear spray is for.

Then she starts wailing “Bear! Bear! Bear! You’re breaking my kayak!” as if it understands what she’s saying. She even questions “Why are you breaking my kayak? Bear!? Why are you doing that?!”. 

I’m sure she was just pissed off, but I don’t know lady… You just sprayed that bear with some seriously agitating stuff. He might take some of his anger out on your kayak and hope he can find some food while he’s at it.

[embedded content]

Kayaks aren’t cheap, but this lady clearly had more than a monetary attachment to it. Her description in the video says that she was on a remote camping trip and that kayak was her only means of transportation.

With that in mind, it makes a little bit more sense as to why she had such a strong reaction, but I had to pause the video at one point because I just couldn’t take the incessant crying of “Bear! Bear! Bear!” any longer… ????

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