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Cyclist Slams Into Ignorant Spectator At Finish Line (Watch)


Fair warning, the video below is a little bit hard to watch…

The video was recorded at the Cicloturista Condaca Salmor Bike event that took place on Canary Islands late last year. It shows an ignorant spectator, who appears to be looking at her phone, walking across the race path and getting absolutely demolished by a cyclist who is sprinting to the finish line.

Again, fair warning- the video is brutal.

An article posted by TMZ back in October of 2021 claims that both the cyclist and spectator were taken to a local hospital to be treated for head injuries. Here’s to hoping both have recovered by now.

With that being said, what in the absolute sh*t-f*ckery was that woman thinking?! I wondered at first if she just didn’t know that there was a race taking place, but the big crowd, flags, and finish line should have been plenty of evidence for her to know that something was going down.

I think she was just completely ignorant to the fact that somebody who doesn’t want to end up the hospital should avoid crossing the finish line of a cycling race… Crazy.

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