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The 2nd Oldest Video On YouTube Is A Snowboarding Fail (Watch)


I just happened to do a search of the first uploads ever to YouTube, and it turns out the 2nd video ever uploaded to the site is titled “My Snowboarding Skillz” uploaded on April 23, 2005.

The video was only beaten by “Me At The Zoo” which was uploaded by YouTube’s co-founder Jawed Karim.

I had to watch this clip to see what it’s all about. Not sure if you’ve seen it before, but it’s a relatively tame clip of a guy biting it on a box feature at a very slow speed.

Check it out! ????

[embedded content]

Crappy camera quality, mildly interesting content, and only 10 seconds long. Maybe this guy knew apps like Vine and TikTok were gonna be big before everybody else…? ????

The video is obviously nothing special, but it’s gotta be pretty cool to claim  the title of the 2nd oldest YouTube video in history. I was also stoked that the video featured a snow sport.

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