Suicide Six becomes Saskadena Six


The US ski resort in Vermont changes its name as its original name is judged to be insensitive amid increased awareness of mental health. NEW

The name originally came after the man that put in the first tow rope lift, Wallace “Bunny” Bertram, joked that skiing the steep pitch of Hill No. 6 would be suicide.

Bunny was instrumental in the resort’s development in the early days and a local ski instructor.

The area had the name since 1936.

We reported on the name change earlier on PlanetSKI – US ski resort of Suicide Six to change its name

“Our resort team embraces the increasing awareness surrounding mental health and shares the growing concerns about the insensitive nature of the historical name,” said the resort as a name change was announced.

“The feelings that the word ‘suicide’ evokes can have a significant impact on many in our community.”

Now the new name has been revealed with “Saskadena” means “standing mountain” in the native Abenaki language.

Image c/o Saskadena Six

Image c/o Saskadena Six

“It was chosen by the resort team to honor the original inhabitants of the land and the mountain’s multi-generational legacy and values of community, inclusion, adventure, discovery, and fun,” the ski area said in a statement.

“The name sends a powerful message of connection both to the deeper history of the mountain with the Abenaki nation and to the present-day community at large.

“Much time, care, and thought has been invested in the process to choose a name more representative of our values, one that celebrates its 86-year history, honors the Abenaki tradition, and will welcome future generations.”

142 people from Vermont took their own lives in 2021, the most in more than a decade.

A number of ski and outdoor destinations in North America have changed their names in recent years.

The ski resort of Squaw Valley in California changed its name last year.

The term ‘squaw’ was widely seen as derogatory and was described as racist and sexist.

In Canada, a group of mountain cabins in Jasper National Park has changed its moniker from Pocahontas Cabins to Miette Mountain Cabins after consultation with First Nations communities in the area.

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