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Kayak Fisherman Hooks Massive Marlin (Watch)


A few fishermen had the outing of a lifetime when they hooked a massive marlin off the coast of Panama. Thankfully, one of them was recording, and the result is an exhilarating video that’s embedded below.

Watch as the fishermen try to reel in a massive marlin from a small kayak as the fish fights back and jumps out of the water multiple times.

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“Occurred on May 24, 2022 / Los Buzos, Panama “Scott Mutchler from Jupiter, Florida was fishing with me in Panama at Los Buzos where I have been a guide for 7 years. We hook marlin occasionally but one of my guests has never been able to stay hooked up for over a minute.

These massive fish always take all their line or break off within seconds. Scott is a well-seasoned fisherman with many visits to our lodge so he was well prepared and made it look easy. I have caught two similarly sized marlin previously but to be in the boat filming him this time was even more amazing and doing that made me able to get some of the most epic fishing footage I have ever seen! The fight only lasted about 45 minutes!”

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