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Why The Northernmost Town In America Exists (Video)


The northernmost town in America is Utqiagvik, Alaska which was formally known as Barrow. The town lies on the shore of the Arctic Ocean with no permanent roads leading to and from it.

5,000 people call Utqiagvik home, but why?

YouTube channel Wendover Productions explores the town’s long history, and what will happen with it in the future.

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It’s absolutely crazy that anybody would want to live there, but I guess it’s probably hard to leave if it’s all your family has ever known.

I still can’t get over how expensive everything is there. Like, how much is a frozen pizza going for these days in Utqiagvik…$50?!

God bless the good people of Utqiagvik. I actually kind of hope that climate change is making it easier for you to live up there…

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