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Old Man Snowboarder Threatens Teen Skiers Who Cut Him Off (Watch)


Let’s lay out the scene of this video so that we’re all on the same page-

An old man snowboarder gets cut off by a careless kid skier near the base area at Breckenridge and tries to punch the kid in the face.

That might sound like Bizarro World (it seems like the roles are usually reversed in situations like this), but nope. This actually happened.

Watch the video and we’ll check in afterwards.

[embedded content]

It’s a quick video, and you might be a little confused after watching it, so here’s my breakdown:

It looks like the kid filming was goofing off with his friend on the gentle runout to the lift. He wasn’t paying attention and cuts off the snowboarder causing him to fall.

He then joins up with his friend in the lift line when suddenly the old man snowboarder comes crashing through as he tries to catch up with the kid. The kids move on and you can hear one say to the other “is that the guy?”.

The kids are about to have their tickets scanned when the snowboarder catches up to them with his fist cocked back ready to punch. That’s when the video ends.

In my opinion, the kid should have stopped and made sure the snowboarder was okay. He didn’t, but that doesn’t mean the old man snowboarder has the right to physically assault and/or threaten a stupid kid who made a mistake, ya know?

What do you think? Who was in the wrong? Let’s get the debate going over in the comments section on our Facebook page: Unofficial Networks.

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