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Snowmobiler Crashes Going 70mph (Video)


I'm in danger - Album on Imgur

I'm in danger - Album on Imgur

This snowmobiler approaching a bump in the trail going 70 mph…Sometimes the braaaaaapers’ get a little too throttle happy, and that’s definitely what happened to this guy.

You can see the slight bump in the trail coming just a couple of seconds before he hits it going 70 mph.

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What do you think was racing through his head as he flew through the air? It was probably one of those slow-motion moments where he started thinking about all of the mistakes he’s made in life. Ejecting off a snowmobile at 70mph will surely give you those near-death epiphanies we’re always hearing about in movies and television.

Looks like he walked away from this crash without any serious injuries and only a broken windshield. Incredible.

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