How to build your backyard rail setup, with Kevin Salonius and the good folks at LINE


Summer blues got you down? Do you spend hours tossing and turning, itching to be moving with two planks on your feet? Are you over seeing the Instagram rush of admittedly great clips from Hood, but ready to get back to some sliding yourself? If these descriptions apply to you, do not worry, you’re not alone out there! Millions of skiers world wide, (except for in the Southern Hemisphere where it’s nuking snow from Chile to New Zealand), are suffering from skiing withdrawals. Thankfully Kevin Salonius, with the help of the good people over at LINE, are here with a cure. Kevin will give you a walk through of how to build a PVC rail for your own backyard, so you can get back to sliding tubes on skis in the comfort of the summer sun.

For step by step instructions, click here!

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