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WATCH: Insane Ski Front Flip BASE Jump


I have no idea why Clark Robinson waited until July to post this video of him and his friend Thomas Meador ski base jumping a huge cliff in the Wyoming backcountry, but I’m sure as hell glad I found it.

We obviously don’t get too many new skiing and snowboarding videos in this dreadful season weird people rave about called, ‘summer’. That’s why when I see one, I blog about it. It’s a pretty simple process…

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It would be sick if this video was just a casual deep powder run, but oh my goodness is it so much more. Not only did Robinson and Meador ski a sweet chute, they also launch themselves over a 300′ cliff and deploy parachutes to gracefully glide down to the powder-filled meadow below.

If this doesn’t at least begin to satisfy your itch for winter content, then I literally have no idea what will. Only bummer is we didn’t have a better view of Robinson’s front flip, but I’m not complaining!

Clark Robinson“Clark Robinson and Tom Tom (Thomas Meador) ski a sick backcountry line down a chute, across a powder bowl, charge full speed along the edge of a cliff, and then Clark sends a frontflip off of a 300 ft cliff as Tom Tom jumps behind him. They deploy their parachutes and then Tom Tom chases Clark under parachute down the mountain over trees and liffs until they land safely in a meadow in the forest. This video was filmed from Tom Tom’s POV as he followed Clark Robinson down the mountain. Skiing is rad. BASE jumping is rad. Ski BASE jumping is rad. Getting outside and having fun is rad. It’s all rad!!”

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