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Cyclists Encounter Six Massive Bull Elk On Mountain Road (Watch)


What do you do when a group of six bull elk with massive racks are approaching you on a mountain road? Move over.

The video was recorded by James Mason in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. Read the video’s description and watch for yourself below. Crazy.

“Riding down on our bikes today at Rocky Mountain National Park and had to stop to let this group of Bull Elk pass.”

Good on this crew for doing the right thing by giving the elk their space. Nobody got hurt and the elk were able to continue on their way. It was a win-win for everybody involved.

With that being said, why in the hell were there six bull elk just strutting down a road together? I feel like you normally see bulls flanked by a harem of cows, but maybe that’s only during the rut? Is it normal for bulls to stick together like this? Somebody let me know!

I know I would have been scared as hell if was staring down the barrel of six 1,000 pound elk with massive racks. These guys showed more composure than I would have…????

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