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NO FALL ZONE…An Extreme Mountain Biking Adventure Film


“One of the toughest lines we’ve ever done.” -Alexis Righetti

Straddling the border between Spain and France, Sauvegarde Peak dominates the Port de Venasque mountain pass in the Pyrenees. It’s can be treacherous for hikers and mountaineers but its hard to calculate the level of danger to descend it on a mountain bike. This is the textbook definition of a “no fall zone.” Follow along with French freerider, Alexis Righetti, as he take on what he considers the most technical challenge of his career:

“The descent is relentless, a succession of very varied difficulties. The whole repertoire goes there: ultra tight hairpins bends, technical steps, narrow turns, sloping slabs… and sometimes a combination of all that at the same time. But above all, there is this constant exposure which does not allow the slightest error… On the climb, we thought that it was impossible to ride everything on the bike. We even almost turned around! But in the end, we managed the full downhill (except for the first 5 meters that enter into the face, which are physically impossible for a bike). What satisfaction!”

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