Home Gear Gold Medalist Jessie Diggins Faceplants HARD (Watch)

Gold Medalist Jessie Diggins Faceplants HARD (Watch)


Ouch GIFs | Tenor

Ouch GIFs | Tenor

Jessie Diggins (@jessiediggins) is arguably the best cross-country skier in American history, but as that song from the early 2000s goes… “Even the best fall down sometimes…”

Looks like Diggins was doing some offseason roller xc skiing when she faceplants brutally in the video below… Thankfully she’s okay!

“Aaaand THAT is why we wear helmets, kids! ????
Don’t worry, I’m honestly feeling way more ok than I should be after this one. Glad to get away with just a few scrapes! ????”

I’ve taken my fair share of faceplants on asphalt from skateboarding mishaps, but it looks absolutely brutal on roller skis…

The way she launches forward with all of that momentum… ouch.

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