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WATCH: Lightning Strikes Unsuspecting Boaters


We have a crazy video out of The Gulf of Mexico for you.

These folks were cruising back to shore minding their own business when their boat was struck by a bolt of lightning. They had to be airlifted by the Coast Guard after the strike.

Here’s the description of events followed by the video.

Occurred on June 25, 2021 / Florida, USA

We were fishing the 34th annual Old Salz Ladies Tournament. We were approximately 120 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico coming out of Anclote/Tarpon Springs. Myself, Joshua Guy, Meghan Chaple, and five others were on the vessel when it was struck by lightning. We were heading in from fishing the tournament to submit the fish to the Wayans and we were struck by lightning. After dispersing the EPirb, the Coast Guard responded and we were airlifted back to the Clearwater Coast Guard station near the Saint Pete international airport.”

[embedded content]

Now, I don’t have any first-hand knowledge to confirm this, but I’m willing to bet at least 3 of three of them pissed their pants. Think about it.

A lightning strike comes out of nowhere and hits a boat carrying 8 people in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I think it’s a safe bet to guess that more than 1/3rd of them peed a little bit.

There’s no shame. I’m sure that I would be in that group of pant-wetters. I might have a mess to clean up on the other end too… ????

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