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Faulty Equipment Leads To Zipline FAIL (Watch)


The man in the video below had a less-than ideal experience while ziplining. He apparently brought the wrong kind of tandem pulley, and got stuck in the middle of the line high above the ground below him.

“This is what happens when you buy the wrong tandem pulley to go ziplining. This one was for rope and not for cable.”

Check it out:

[embedded content]

It doesn’t say where this was recorded, but it has to be somewhere in Eastern Europe or Asia, right?

I’m making that guess solely based on the fact that any modernized western country wouldn’t allow people to freely zipline wherever they pleased.

Now that I’ve watched the video, I’m wondering if this dude’s whole day was ruined by using the wrong pulley? It looks like the line he’s riding could lead to other lines on the other side of the mountain. That would absolutely suck if he had to pull himself across every line for the rest of the day.

At least he didn’t fall. I guess.

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