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PBR Unveils World’s Largest Case of Beer…The 1844 Pack


“We’re gonna need a bigger cooler.”

The 4th of July is the biggest beer drinking holiday of the year and Milwaukee based Pabst Blue Ribbon decided it was the right time to debut the world’s largest case of beer to satiate the nation’s thirst for cold brewskis. The 1,844-pack celebrates the Pabst’s founding year and 250 of them are on sale at various locations around the country. Measuring in at an incredible 4 feet tall by 3.5 feet wide, you’ll likely need a forklift and a pickup to get it to its final destination and a sizable crowd if you’re looking to polish it off in a single sitting. Forbes magazine spoke with Lee Dixon from PBR about the mega-case:

“The idea is that the 1844-pack creates an event wherever it’s located. We want people to stop and shoot photos of it and tell their friends about it. Hopefully, it stops people in their tracks and gets them to grab our beer. We wanted to do this around the 4th of July, the biggest beer holiday of the year, because who wouldn’t want to show up with a picture of an [1844] pack to a party?” –Lee Dixon, PBR Director of National Accounts

Celebrate responsibly and don’t drive or boat drunk. Happy 4th ya’ll.

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