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Man Finds MONSTER Bison Skull In River (Watch)


The video below shows a man in Iowa discovering an absolutely massive bison skull that was partially exposed in a flowing river.

He grabs a horn that’s just slightly sticking out of the water, and uncovers a fully intact bison skull. His reaction should be all you need to know to tell how incredible this find is.

Bison Paleo Fossil River Adventure: “I hunt the waterways of the Great Plains for ice age bones. This is the first full skull over 26” that I have found. They look huge when the skull is complete.”

[embedded content]

It’s sad to think that bison used to roam most of the Midwest, Great Plains, and West of North America. Their population was unfortunately decimated by settlers moving west and the American Army in their ruthless wars against Native Americans.

I wish we still had large bison herds freely moving about. Maybe someday we will? Who knows. For now, I’m going to watch that video again because that skull was so damn cool.

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