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VIDEO: Celebrating The Summer Solstice With A Mountaintop Ski Party


I’ll be completely honest, until seeing this video, I had no idea we already passed the summer solstice. If I had known it was on Tuesday, June 21st, I probably would have, well, still done nothing to celebrate, but after watching this, I think I might try to party next year. Now I’m not normally a fan of vlogs, and I normally wouldn’t make a post about vlogs, but the vibes of this video are just immaculate.

If you’ve read much of my stuff in the past, you may know that I’m not a huge fan of people who drink and ski. My main concern with that, however, is that when people drink heavily and ski, they make themselves not only a danger to themselves, but also a danger to everyone else on the mountain. In this video, it appears that everyone is partaking in the party, and they don’t seem to be glorifying the act of drinking while skiing. Sure, there are people sipping beers, but no one is ripping down fireball shooters like you see so often on TikTok during ski season. These fellows appear to be enjoying themselves without the need for extreme drinking, and that’s pretty tight.

Not to mention, this party just seems like a ton of fun. Hiking to the top of a mountain just to hang out with a bunch of buddies and other people you’ve never met sounds like my kind of time. One of the guys in the video gets made fun of for talking to a girl while completely covering his face with a ski mask and sun glasses, but that’s part of the beauty of skiing. You can meet people on the lift or at the on mountain bars, fully covered head to toe, and just make conversation based on personality. I gotta say, I think that’s pretty tight. Also, launching Roman candles while ripping down a ski slope looks like a boat load of fun. Anyways, enjoy the video.

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