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Big Sky Detonates 1000lbs+ Explosives In Month of June Working On New Tram

Big Sky is making some serious headway on their new tram construction project. In the month of June, the legendary Montana ski resort shuttled up and blasted more than a half ton of explosives to clear the way for the new upper station on the replacement Lone Peak Tram ahead of its anticipated opening for winter 2023. Prepping a foundation at 11,166 feet using explosives looks like challenging work but it must feel awesome when it finally goes boom. Can not wait to give the tram a spin!
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Summer is officially here on Lone Mountain, and construction on the new tram is in full swing. There has been no new snow in the past two weeks (which, for the first time ever, we are happy to report the end of winter!). With the favorable weather, construction has been progressing smoothly, with teams focusing on the top terminal and tower foundations.

This June, over half a ton of explosives were used to precisely break down parts of solid rock in the peak, creating a workable area for drilling. To help create a sturdy foundation for the top terminal, a footing and large retaining wall support the East face, and 23 micropiles secure the terminal deep into the bedrock to counteract the pulling force of the Tram from below.”The micropiles help hold the foundation in place and minimizes the excavation needed. We are building this structure for the future – to last many decades up in some of Montana’s harshest weather conditions,” said Ty Jahn, project manager for Condon Johnson, the contractor building the top terminal.

Helicopter trips are happening frequently as more materials are being brought to the summit. This past week, materials, drills, and compressors were flown to the surface to begin micropile installation.

At the tower site, about 600 feet below the top terminal location, team members are creating a level surface to eventually move materials down to, where more drilling and blasting will happen.

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