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WATCH: Three Young Mountain Lions Walk On To Home’s Porch


The video below shows three young mountain lions wandering on to a home’s porch near Preston, Idaho. The video’s uploader claims that the young cats were separated from their mother.

Here are more details about what happened:

Yes, these cats were rescued by Fish and Wildlife. We have no idea what happened to the mother. Anybody commenting on the mother is just guessing. There has never been any report of a Mountain lion in this area that was killed or hit by a car. Since this video was filmed there was an update to the story.

The three cats were cared for here in the local area of Preston Idaho. About two weeks ago they were placed in a wildlife preserve in North Carolina. The sad part of the story is that one of the Cubs had a bad reaction to the sedative and died. The other two are now in North Carolina alive and well. This has been a life changing experience for me.”

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