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WATCH: The Birthplace of Waterskiing May Surprise You


Did you know that the birthplace of waterskiing is Lake Pepin, Minnesota? Waterskiing is celebrating its 100th anniversary this summer, as Ralph Samuelson founded the sport in 1922. This week, WCOO-CBS Minnesota revisited this 2012 story about the early history of the sport. In 1922, Ralph Samuelson got inspiration from the times he skied during the winter. He picked up some wooden boards, and some leather from a harness to hold his feet in. Later on, he would land the first-ever jump on a water ski, and be the first to fly on skis and be a speed skier thanks to being attached to a small plane. Sadly, Ralph never filed a patent for the water ski, and never made any money from his invention.

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Last week, the Lake City Historical Society released a documentary about Ralph Samuelson, which you can watch below.

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Image/Video Credits: Visit Lake City, WCCO-CBS Minnesota, Lake City Historical Society

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