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NEW VIDEO: Bison Slams Ignorant Tourists & Children


Breaking news out of Yellowstone National Park this evening. A tourist has been charged, tossed, and potentially gored by a bison earlier today.

The park is just starting to reopen after record floods devastated the park earlier this month.

This is first bison attack captured on video this season. Take a look.

[embedded content]

“Bison charges tourists in Yellowstone: A visitor to Yellowstone National Park shot video of a bison that charged tourists Tuesday, July 28, 2022. The bison charges two adults and a child and then a man lifts the young child out of harm’s way. This story will be updated when we receive more information. . ????: Rob Goodell”

It’s so frustrating to see this happen to people time and time again. When will these ignorant tourists learn? The bison in Yellowstone are wild animals that are dangerous.

They’re not fluffy cows meant for you to take a selfie with and pet. Keep your distance and you won’t end up being the subject of a viral video…

Yellowstone National recommends always staying at least 25 yards from bison within the park.

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