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Formula 1 Drivers Compete In Iconic Zamboni Race (Video)


What’s the best way to put two Formula 1 drivers, a professional hockey player, and an Olympic gold medal holding snowboarder against each other in fair competition?

You certainly can’t have them strap into snowboards, a game of pond hockey probably wouldn’t work too well, and any sort of vehicle race seems like it would most likely favor the Formula 1 drivers.

Maybe, then, you have them race a vehicle that totally lacks the speed and power of any vehicle these F1 drivers have likely driven in the past. Maybe, as Red Bull decided to test out, you have them race against each other in a Zamboni.

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Now I’m not a massive fan of Formula 1 (not that I have anything wrong with it, I just don’t watch it much) and I’ll avoid sharing my opinions on PK Suban for now (I’m a Bruins fan, if that tells you anything), but I still think this is a pretty sweet video.

Maybe it’s because seeing incredibly famous athletes put into a situation where they’re not going to do great is a lot of fun, or maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted to drive a Zamboni myself.

It doesn’t really matter exactly why I find it to be such a fantastic video, it just matters that I do find it to be a fantastic video, and thus I wish to share it with you friendly readers.

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