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VIDEO: Moose Spotted Vibing On Roof At Luxury Dude Ranch


Imagine waking up early in the morning to head to work. You’re tired, probably didn’t sleep as well as you should have, and you’re trying to prepare yourself for a long day. Not only that, but you work at a ranch, in hospitality, so you’re preparing to deal with customers throughout your entire shift. Whether or not you love your work, there’s a good chance those moments heading in aren’t fun, and whether or not you’re comfortable with wildlife, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be able to believe your eyes if you saw a large moose vibing on the roof at your place of work.

That, however, is exactly what’s happening in this video. According to Yahoo Sports, part of The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana is actually built into a hillside and features a living roof, allowing grass and plants to grow on top of the building and different animals to wander around and live their lives while business is conducted underneath. That sounds pretty dope to me, but if I walked into work and saw a moose on the roof, I would probably first make sure I wasn’t dreaming and, second, question my career choices.

All in all, I have to imagine this was a pretty cool experience for both customers and employees. Most people don’t get to see a moose in person very often, and being able to see one this close with little danger has to be incredibly wild…

Image Credit: The Ranch At Rock Creek on Instagram

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