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Lindsey Vonn Skis Under The Midnight Sun In Iceland


Skiing under the midnight sun in Iceland might top my bucket list.

I want to ski all over the world, but there’s something about being able to say ‘I went skiing at midnight under a full sun in Iceland in the summer’ that has *pop* to it, ya know?

Lindsey Vonn recently went on such a trip, and shared some photos with her Instagram followers.

“Iceland was a dream and skiing under the midnight sun was magical. It’s not often I do new things on the mountain but skiing at midnight was a once in a lifetime experience. ????????❤️”

I wish there was a clip of Vonn actually skiing in the post. I always wonder what she looks like skiing off-piste. I’m sure her form is impeccable, but I really haven’t seen any videos of her not ripping groomers, ya know?

I’m starting to daydream about taking a midnight sun skiing trip to Iceland with Lindsey Vonn, and I need to reign it back in. Can’t live in fantasy land for too long. Anyways… back to blogging!

Photo Credit: @lindseyvonn

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