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WATCH: Huge Group Of Stingrays Skirts By Beachgoers


Did you know that a group of stingrays is actually called a fever?

A person dining at Lani Kai Island Resort in Ft. Meyers, FL captured a large fever of stingrays swimming by beachgoers during a warm day earlier this month.

Thankfully the group avoided running into any swimmers.

Check out the video below:

‘From his gliding beachside table, Sun Deck at Lani Kai guest Dana Baquero captured a school of stingrays as they skirted through the warm, shallow waters this afternoon, avoiding anyone in their path! During the warmer months, it’s important to do the “stingray shuffle” to avoid stepping on these otherwise harmless creatures. Big thanks to Dana for capturing this amazing footage — and for dining with us”

Anybody else have irrational fear of stingrays after Steve Irwin’s death? I can’t be the only one.

I’ll never forget that I was in Orlando, FL the week that Irwin died. I just so happened to go to Discovery Cove, an aquatic theme park in Orland, and swam in a giant pool with sting rays literally the day after his death. I was so scared that I was shaking…

Sorry, not sorry, but I’ll be forever scared of them after that. It just hit too close to home. RIP Steve Irwin.

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