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WATCH: 8 People & Their Dog Rescued From Capsized Boat


8 people and their dog were recently rescued from a capsized boat on Lake Allatoona, Georgia. Their rescue was captured by the bodycam of a Georgia Department of Natural Resources Officer in the video below.

Officials believe that the boat capsized because it was overloaded. Thankfully, everybody was wearing a life jacket, and were rescued without injury.

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“This is the heart-stopping moment a young child was rescued from a capsized boat. Eight people in total including a dog were found floating in the water. One by one each person was pulled onto the rescue boat to safety. It happened on Lake Allatoona in Georgia, Thankfully, they all had life jackets on, according to law enforcement. And they were all saved without injury. Inside Edition Digital has more.”

It’s kind of surprising that everybody was wearing a life jacket when rescuers arrived. I’ve been boating hundreds of times, and it feels like nobody actually wear a life jacket unless they’re participating in some kind of water sport.

They clearly shouldn’t have overloaded their boat, but good on them for practicing proper water safety by wearing their jackets.

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